Contracting Authority Advanced Training

If your authority is interested in doing complete electronic tendering; from creating online web based PQQ with mandatory requirements as well as other criteria, price schedules to receiving responses electronically, evaluating those, sending awards letters, getting reports and sending/keeping contracts electronically then you might want to get special training for the more advanced functionality in managing this. This would typically be for authorities that want to use the more advanced functionality of the system.

ONSITE - or WEB based Training

General User Training (1-2 days depending on depth requested and previous experience)

After this training you will be able to manage the entire tender process electronically from creating the tender, publishing or inviting, depending on procedure, receiving the responses-evaluating those and awarding a winner, finally you will finish off with loading the signed contract to the system in order to have a perfect contract repository, the contract is then also available to the supplier electronically. You will also know how to manage your own account. You will have received demonstration of all relevant sections of the system and well as practiced extensive hands-on sessions. 

General System Administrator/Controller Training (1-2 days depending on depth requested and previous experience)

After this training you will be able to configure the system to work perfectly for your authority’s specific needs, especially for authorities that manages the entire tender and contract process online. You will know how to create library of documents that can be linked into tenders, library of PQQ´s and other requirements that should be added to all tenders, responses, message templates and generally assuring that your authority get the most out of the system. Prerequisite is minimum 1 day user training or that you have already managed at least one tender online completely electronically in live site.

Tailored training and your own training site indefinitely

All above, previously stated, training sessions are made on a general site used for all training activities, thus after the training the user account is inactivated as other authorities will do do training on the same site/account.

For some authorities with several procurement officers or need/wish to test advanced usage and new releases, not to mention ability to do their own internal training sessions, it can therefore be of advantage to receive special tailored training with some prepared data on their entirely own training site!

Tailored training

Included preparation in tailored training: Your authority details will be set-up as well as 1-5 users. Some basic information sent to our training department will be used to partially pre-populate your authority/unit data, for example some of following might be applicable; the main procedure/s you use, any specific invitation template/s, sample of your own PQQ set up in digital/web format or other special areas of interest)

With your own training site you have the possibility to create whatever configuration you wish in order to test the functionality to its full extent. You can set up complex processes, attach any data and keep it. Whatever is covered during the training session is kept and you can log in at any time to remind yourself or train other users at your authority regarding this and any other area within all the functionality of the system. You can also test some functionalities/modules that you do not have at the moment to see if useful or required for any future decision. This site is also the slightly more advanced version of the system, thus you will always see “what´s new and on its way”. You have your training authority and user account available for as long as you are user of the system powered by eu-supply.


Pricing below is in EURO.


To assure qualitative onsite training there is a maximum of 10 participants per session for training.

For the Webex sessions: to assure qualitative online training there is a maximum of 6 participants per session for training.

For additional participants or where additional instructor/help is needed please ask for a  separate quote.


Several authorities that have themselves identified having similar need for training can share training sessions, however, they should then inform the training department and be aware that they will share the training account if selected tailored training with own site.


Onsite 1 day Face to Face Training – 1950 euro per session/group

Onsite 2 days Face to Face Training – 1800 euro per day per session/group (3600 euro in total for 2 days)

Web based half day sessions (3.5 hours/session – 850 per session/group


Requested Tailored (own site) preparation, Cost added to above onsite training   -   Ask for quotation

Own training site ( EDU platform) configuration  - please ask for individual quotation

Other additional features development work - please ask for individual quotation


All training booked/ordered must have been paid in advance of the training session taking place.

Please contact for more information or if you would like to book a training session or require an individual quotation.